Sunday, 30 April 2017

Bahubali 2: The Conclusion gearing up to break all the records!

Prabhas and Rana Daggubati‘s Baahubali 2: The Conclusion has not only impressed the masses, but also broken quite a few records at the box office. Apart from the 11 records that it broke on the first day, looks like it has achieved something even bigger. Baahubali 2 has actually beaten the lifetime collections of five recent hits, that too in just one day…
For those of you who don’t know, Baahubali 2: The Conclusion raked in Rs 122 crore through all the versions at the box office on day one. If you compare this figure to the lifetime collections of Akshay Kumar‘s Jolly LLB 2 (Rs 117 crore)and Housefull 3 (Rs 109.14 crore), Varun Dhawan’s Badrinath Ki Dulhania (Rs 116.68 crore), Ranbir Kapoor’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (Rs 112.48 crore) and Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay (Rs 100.33 crore); you will realise that SS Rajamouli‘s magnum opus has surpassed the collection of these films in just one day! But there’s more to come. On day 2 it has collected around 100 crore. This takes the films total collections to around Rs 222 crore. 
While many will argue that all this has been possible because Baahubali 2 was released in four version (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam) and cause it got 8000 screens. However, let me point out that without good content and such a huge buzz, it would not have raked in such a huge amount at the box office. Time and again we have seen several big movies (FanMohenjo Daro, etc.) have a huge pre-release buzz, but they falter at the BO after day one. But from what we hear, Baahubali 2 is rock solid. In fact, the occupancy on Sunday is also looking fantastic. So the movie will continue to break some more records over the weekend.
From our reckoning, the film will earn in excess of Rs 300 crore over the weekend. And with a holiday on Monday, it will continue to muster in large amounts of money. However, will it be be able to sustain after the first Monday? That is something to look out for! But we are sure that Baahubali 2: The Conclusion is all set to be the highest grossing film in India ever. Do you also think so? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Apple's self-driving Lexus hits the road for testing; first images out!

Tech giant Apple has wasted no time in entering the self-driving car technology sector with what it calls 'Project Titan.' Soon after securing permission to test its self-driving cars on the roads of California, the Cupertino-giant is out on the road testing the vehicle.
The good chaps at Bloomberg have got lucky and captured what are probably the first images of Apple's self-driving car in the Silicon Valley. The tech-giant is believed to be testing its self-driving technology using a Lexus RX450h. The SUV was spotted near the Apple facility in Silicon Valley kitted with sensors.
Earlier, it was rumoured that Apple would develop its own autonomous car, but the focus is said to have shifted to self-driving car technology before plunging into production from the scratch. A couple of weeks back, Apple had received clearance from California Department of Motor to test its self driving car technology in three vehicles.
There is no information as of now on the timeframe for Apple's new car technology. In fact, we don't even know what the Project Titan is all about. Apple is just another name in the race for developing autonomous cars as there are several other start-ups and tech connoisseurs in the market testing their self-driving cars. But it would be interesting to know what is cooking behind the closed doors of Apple and how it will pan out.
Source: Bloomberg

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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Natural way to deal with depression!

New Delhi [India], April 28 (ANI): Depression is world's leading illness and is one of the major reasons for suicides globally, says the World Health Organization (WHO). The story in India is no different.
Everyone gets depressed at some point or other in life. On this note, there is a difference between feeling low for a short period and clinical depression. The good news is, clinical depression can be treated.
Hence, according to Smita Sundararaman, the founder and managing director of NatureHealz, it's time to talk it out, instead of brushing it under the carpet.
Sundararaman further explained that the stages of depression are not scientifically agreed upon. However, it is true that there are stages a depressed person goes through. This is the pattern they generally follow:
- Depression is first characterized by denial followed by anger. People do not accept that they suffer from depression; they brush it off as just a low point in their life. Then they feel angry at the world and its injustices. They question why are they the ones picked to go through this suffering?
- This stage is followed by personifying the depression and confronting it. This can include trying to strike bargains with it to make it leave or negotiating with it to leave you alone.
- After this comes the lowest of the low - feeling so depressed that getting out of bed is a chore, getting dressed and going to work is impossible. You may keep thinking of death and how welcome it may be. At this stage, family members are genuinely worried and push you to take psychiatric treatment.
- Acceptance is the last stage when you truly acknowledge that you have an illness and need to be treated. A life spent in this condition seems to be agony, and you know you need help. Mental illness is no longer a taboo word, but something to absorb, accept and treat.
Diagnosing Depression- Various signs to look out for include:
- Feeling depressed for almost the whole day, especially in the mornings after waking up
- Feeling tired and low on energy daily
- Indecisiveness
- Low concentration
- Feeling guilty and/or worthless constantly
- Sleepless nights or too much sleeping almost daily
- No pleasure or interest in any activities
- Feeling restless or bogged down
- Repeatedly thinking of dying and suicide
- Marked increase or decrease in body weight
Treating Depression: Most treatments like Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) or prescription drugs treat the symptoms of depression, not the cause. Relief is short-lived, and patients often relapse after some period.
The only way to cure depression is 'naturally,' says Smita Sundararaman.
Depression can be treated from the root by bringing about some lifestyle changes. Psychiatrists and therapists act as enablers in this process by helping you talk through the problems you face.
Here is what you can do:
- Reach out to people who matter and involve them in your cure. Suffering from depression is much harder when alone. Having trusted family and friends by your side can go a long way in speeding up your recovery.
- Exercise regularly to boost secretion of feel-good hormones like serotonins and endorphins. Exercising also increases the growth of brain cells and synapses which are the connections in the brain. This helps you to fight out of depression. Aim to do at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, even if it just means going for a brisk walk. Getting your body moving may seem like the hardest thing in the world, but stick to it.
- Sleep for at least seven to nine hours every night. This is the amount of sleep you need to rest your brain and body. Sadness, mood swings, fatigue, and irritability all increase if you are sleep-deprived. Sufficient sleep is an effective weapon to combat depression.
- Take care of your nutrition. Eat small-sized balanced meals at regular intervals instead of a big, heavy meal. Avoid sugary foods even if they make you feel good momentarily. Complex carbohydrates are a better choice for gaining higher energy levels in the long run. Skip the coffee. Replace it with tulsi tea or infused water.
- Natural anti-depressants like cashew nuts, turmeric in milk or food, bananas, whole grains, leafy vegetables should be considered before popping any prescription drugs.
- Get plenty of sunlight. This ensures you get enough Vitamin D and helps you feel more cheerful too. Eliminate stress creators from your life, whether they exist in your work or personal life.
- Naturopathy Therapies like foot bath and certain yoga asanas along with Pranayam can help you release the stress in your mind and body.
- Try and relax after a day's work. Find your "me" time to connect with self. Spend time in nature away from gadgets. Do things you enjoy - get a massage, listen to music, play a sport, or spend time with your loved ones.
It's all about finding the calm in the chaos! (ANI)

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U.S. spacecraft shares first view from inside Saturn's rings!

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - NASA's Cassini spacecraft sent the closest-ever images of Saturn on Thursday after surviving its first plunge inside the planet's rings, the U.S. space agency said.
A stream of pictures showing Saturn's swirling clouds, massive hurricane and odd six-sided vortex weather system were transmitted back to Earth by Cassini, which has been exploring Saturn for 13 years.
Now in its final laps around Saturn, Cassini dove through the narrow gap between the planet and its innermost ring on Wednesday, where no spacecraft has ever gone before. It was the first of 22 planned close encounters to bring the robotic probe into unexplored territory between Saturn's cloud tops and its rings.
"Cassini spacecraft has once again blazed a trail, showing us new wonders and demonstrating where our curiosity can take us if we dare," National Aeronautics and Space Administration planetary sciences chief Jim Green said in a statement.
Cassini is expected to photograph several small inner moons and study the planet's winds, clouds, auroras and gravity. The information could help scientists find the source of Saturn's magnetic field, determine how fast the gas giant rotates and figure out what lies beneath its layers of clouds.
NASA officials are not certain Cassini will survive all its ring dives. The gap between Saturn and the rings is about 1,500 miles (2,400 km) wide and likely littered with ice particles.
Cassini is travelling through the gap at a relative speed of about some 77,000 mph (124,000 kph) so even small particles striking the spacecraft can be deadly.
To protect itself, Cassini's dish-shaped communications antenna was temporarily repositioned to serve as a shield. The spacecraft will make similar manoeuvres during its subsequent dives, the next of which is scheduled for Tuesday.
On its final dive on Sept. 15, Cassini is slated to destroy itself by flying directly into Saturn's crushing atmosphere.
During its first pass inside the rings, Cassini came within about 1,900 miles (3,000 km) from the top of Saturn's clouds and within 200 miles (300 km) of its innermost ring.
Cassini has been probing Saturn, the sixth planet from the sun, and its entourage of 62 known moons since July 2004, but is running low on fuel.
NASA plans to crash the spacecraft into Saturn to avoid any chance Cassini could someday collide with any ocean-bearing moons that have the potential to support indigenous microbial life.
(Reporting by Irene Klotz; Editing by Letitia Stein and Jonathan Oatis)

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Friday, 28 April 2017

What Barack Obama is doing now?

After weeks of avoiding the press while enjoying a post-term vacation, Barack Obama stepped back in the political spotlight. 
The former president spoke with young leaders at the University of Chicago in a conversation about civic engagement on Monday, the same day that Fox Business reported that Obama will receive $400,000 for a speech he plans to deliver at a healthcare conference organized by the financial services firm Cantor Fitzgerald in September.
The fee is equal to the salary Obama received as president and twice what former President Bill Clinton has received for speeches, according to the New York Times. Hillary Clinton's fees have varied, but the former first lady and presidential candidate received as much as $325,000 for a single appearance in 2015, the Washington Post reports. Former President George W. Bush is reportedly paid $100,000 to $175,000 for his speaking engagements.
The news of Obama's fee has drawn criticism for liberals and conservatives, and critics have pointed out how often the former president criticized big banks and the growing wealth inequality. "I believe this is the defining challenge of our time: making sure our economy works for every working American," Obama said in a speech in December 2013.
The Washington Post's Aaron Blake published a story outlining "4 reasons Obama’s $400,000 Wall Street speech is a bad idea." And Vox’s Matthew Yglesias wrote, "Obama’s $400,000 Wall Street speaking fee will undermine everything he believes in. To fight the rising tide of populism, mainstream leaders need to raise their ethical game."
The backlash drew the spotlight away from Obama's Monday remarks, his first public speech post-presidency. During the speech the former president focused on both his time as a community organizer in Chicago as well as his optimism for the future of American democracy.
“We have some of the lowest voting rates of any democracy and low participation rates than translate into a further gap between who's governing us and what we believe,” Obama said.
“The only folks who are going to be able to solve that problem are going to be young people, the next generation. And I have been encouraged everywhere I go in the United States, but also everywhere around the world to see how sharp and astute and tolerant and thoughtful and entrepreneurial our young people are.”
He also shared that breaking down the barriers that inhibit young people from getting involved is one of his goals for life out of the Oval Office.
“The question then becomes what are the ways in which we can create pathways for them to take leadership, for them to get involved? Are there ways in which we can knockdown some of the barriers that are discouraging young people about a life of service?” Obama asked.
“And if there are, I want to work with them to knock down those barriers, and to get this next generation and to accelerate their move towards leadership. Because if that happens, I think we're going to be just fine. And I end up being incredibly optimistic.”
The appearance marks a turning point in Obama's post-presidency routine, and an indication that the former president is ready to return to public life after weeks of vacationing, first in the US Virgin Islands with billionaire Richard Branson and then in French Polynesia with the likes of Oprah, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, and his wife.
Before the president departed for his month-long South Pacific sojourn, former Attorney General Eric Holder told Politico he'd been talking to the former president about getting involved with the new National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which aims to help the Democratic Party win back state legislative seats beginning with next year's elections. Obama asked Holder to chair the committee last year, and last month he said the former president "will be a more visible part of the effort."
"It's coming. He's coming," Holder said. "And he's ready to roll."
But that wasn't the only big Obama-related announcement around that time. On February 28, Penguin Random House announced that it had secured a record-setting $65 million deal with former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama for their upcoming books. The publisher also announced it would donate one million books to charitable organizations in the Obama family's name, and the Obamas plan to donate a portion of their earnings from book sales to charity.
Earlier this year, the former president took trip to another sunny locale - the Virgin Islands, where he learned to kitesurf with billionaire Richard Branson - and a trip to Manhattan, where he drew quite a crowd when he visited in late February.
He spent one night dining with his eldest daughter Malia at Emilio's Ballato, an old-school red-sauce joint in the Nolita district that's popular with musicians and other celebrities.
Malia is currently on a gap year before she starts college at Harvard in the fall, and her recent activities include a glitzy trip to Aspen and an ongoing internship with Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.
The ex-president really made a splash around midday one February Friday, though, as he left a building in the Flatiron district holding a Starbucks cup. (Click play on the videos below to see that moment.)
A reported crowd of about 200 gathered on the block to witness Obama's exit from what TMZ reports is a building that houses Simons Foundation run by James Simons and his wife, Marilyn, who "are big-time philanthropists who reportedly donated around $700,000 earmarked" for Obama Presidential Library in Chicago.
A team of Secret Service agents stood guard as Casual Friday Obama (he forwent a tie) made his way to a waiting SUV and drove away, presumably bound for Gramercy Tavern, where the former president stopped for lunch and posed with the staff for a photo. (The restaurant's executive chef and his partner, Michael Anthony, posted the picture on Instagram with a #proud hashtag.)
He drew quite a crowd there, too.
From "Town & Country".

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High protein breakfast options without eggs!

When it comes to the essential nutrients our body needs, protein tops the list. There is no doubt about that anymore. We know that it’s needed for everything from repairing muscle, to supplying energy, to keeping us strong. The current recommendation is to target between 0.8 to 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. What is also increasingly becoming clear is the importance of having a high protein breakfast. Not only does protein help keep the “hangry” (hunger + angry) monster in the stomach quiet until lunch time, it also helps boosts our metabolism for the entire day too. Win-win there!
Now, egg is by far the most popular (and easiest) choice for getting a mega dose of good quality protein early on in the day (two eggs deliver 11-12 grams and one is sorted). But then some of us are vegetarians, some vegans and many others have some vegetarian days every week (for religious reasons or otherwise). So then how does one ensure enough protein under these circumstances?
It’s easy enough, as there are plenty of other good options to begin the day right with a high protein fuel. In fact, I say the deal turns out pretty good in comparison, as most plant protein sources are lower in saturated fat, free of cholesterol, are higher in fibre, and are a good source of antioxidants and phytochemicals too – all of this helps contribute to better health and reduced disease risk.
Some options to consider are:


No this not just for the navratra puja, you can have it year round in fact. 100 grams of flour deliver a whopping 13 grams of protein (for 350 calories), and buckwheat crepes with some maple sugar are a great start to any day. Or you can even make them savoury by adding some shallots, seasoning, and stuffing them with assorted veggies.
Added Bonus: Besides being a good protein source, buckwheat helps improve circulation, lower blood cholesterol and control blood glucose levels too.

Chia Seeds

These are tiny but pack huge protein power; two tablespoons deliver 9 grams (for 280 calories) and even when you pair one table spoon of these seeds with 250 ml milk (or yoghurt) the protein meter reaches 12.5 gm (4.5 gm plus 8 gm).
Try chia seed pudding: Take 250 ml warm milk, add 1 tbsp chia seeds, a pinch of cardamom, cinnamon and 1/4th tsp turmeric. Let it stand for 20 minutes. Add 1 tbsp honey to this, stir and eat.
Added Bonus: They are a gold mine when it comes to brain-boosting omega-3s and fiber content.

Lentils Sprouts

With just a hand full you can get a wholesome dose of superior quality and quantity of protein as soaking and sprouting improves the quality and absorbability of proteins. 200 gm will give you 18 grams of protein (for just 200 calories). Try this: mix ½ cup of chopped, cooked broccoli with boiled carrots, mixed sprouts (channa, moong, lobia) – all tossed in a spoon full of an oil based dressing (oil will help absorption of at soluble vitamins). I love this dressing: just whirl some mint leaves, garlic and olive oil in the food processor and pour over the sprouts.
Added Bonus: Sprouts provide a good supply of Vitamins A, E & C plus B complex. The vitamin content of some seeds can increase by up to 20 times their original value with sprouting.


100 gram delivers 14 grams of protein (for 350 calories). Plus the protein in quinoa is of unusually high quality; it is a complete protein, with an essential amino acid balance close to the ideal, similar to milk. Try this: Top cooked quinoa with sliced bananas, chopped toasted walnuts and a bit of honey, or make a savoury quinoa umma.
Added Bonus: Quinoa provides valuable amounts of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats (oleic acid) and small amounts of anti inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid too.


If you want to go local then amaranth is a great option as it is comparable to quinoa in all respects (370 cal per 100 gm), and protein (14 gm), and has similar calcium, potassium and iron too, plus higher Vitamin E and magnesium as compared to quinoa. Try this: Cook amaranth with 30 gm feta cheese, 1/4th cup pomegranate seeds, mint leaves, salt and pepper.
Added Bonus: The significant level of carotenoids and vitamin A found in amaranth leaves is a major boost for eye health.


This is a high energy and protein giving food which is a perfect mixture of all the necessary ingredients – protein, carbohydrate, iron, calcium, and vitamins. It’s good for both weight watchers as well as for muscle builders. 100 grams gives a whooping 23 grams of protein (and 350 calories). Sattu parantha paired with curd or buttermilk is a highly recommended high protein breakfast.
Added Bonus: It’s extremely cooling that’s why sattu sherbet is so popular during summers.
Other interesting add ons that can help boost the protein content of your breakfast further are peanut butter (2 tbsp = 7 grams protein), nuts (one ounce = 4 to 6 grams), tofu (100 gm = 7 grams) and seeds (10 grams deliver 3 grams).
(Kavita Devgan is a weight management consultant, nutritionist, health columnist and author of ‘Don’t Diet! 50 Habits of Thin People.)

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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Things not to put in your resume!

Apart from documents and certificates, resume is one of the most important things for a job-seeker. While some add a nice, creative touch to their resume, some are conventional and plain boring. However, some are downright pointless and may also turn off the employer.
A lot has often been said about what to put on your resume, and how to ensure that it has correct spellings and grammar, but not many speak about what not to include. Here are a few things we believe should never be on a resume.
Most of the resumes come with this point right on top, talking about what the job-seeker wants from the organisation. What one should be putting on the resume is what they bring to the table and why you would make a good choice.
Irrelevant work experience
Listing every work experience you have ever had, right from the time you took up a two-month internship in college ages ago, makes it look like you are trying too hard. Instead, highlight the experience that proves you have done well for yourself and proves your skill. Also including every detail of your primary and high school education doesn't make sense.
Personal details
Extensive personal details such as your hobbies, marital status, and religion aren't really relevant. In case the company wants these details about you, they will ask.
Casual e-mail addresses
Always use proper e-mail addresses. True, we all used funny e-mail addresses when we first started using the internet; we even thought they were cute. But seeking a job is a much more serious affair and hence it is best to use a proper e-mail address.
Remember when Joey from Friends said he spoke fluent French when he had no clue about the language? Yes, that is what we are talking about. Never lie about things on your resume. They are bound to come back to you someday.
Social media details
Do not put your social media handles on your resume unless you are applying for a job that requires you to say how well you can deal with social media.
If you are applying for a large Fortune 500 company then maybe you can add the handle to your LinkedIn profile, but something like Facebook, which mostly involves friends and family, is a no.

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Here's why you feel tired even after enough sleep!

Have you ever woken up after a good eight hours of rest and found that you are still feeling fatigued? Well, there is more to it than getting the right amount of sleep, recent research has shown.
AsapSCIENCE decided to research the possible reasons for tiredness despite getting enough sleep. In their latest video, they reveal that, if you know your actual sleeping pattern isn't the problem, then the second most common causes of fatigue are lack of exercise and poor diet.
"Study after study has found adults who began light exercise a few times a week reported more energy after six weeks," the video says. "People who exercise more regularly also report sleeping better, even though studies show they aren't sleeping any longer."
And if you rely on coffee to wake you up, it may actually be having the adverse effect. This is due to the fact that caffeine blocks the compound adenosine in your brain, which makes you feel sleepy at night.
"Consuming coffee or energy drinks less than six hours before bed can ultimately affect your sleep quality," the video says. "As a result, people who don't use caffeine often report feeling less tired in the morning."
Another key reason that you feel tired all the time is dehydration. A lack of water in the body thickens your blood which slows down oxygen and nutrients getting to your organs and muscles. This ultimately leads to sluggishness.
Speaking of drinking, alcohol has the opposite effect of water and heightens feelings of tiredness. It also diminishes sleep quality.
While diet and lack of exercise play a vital role in terms of fatigue, mental health also impacts on energy levels. Conditions including stress, anxiety and depression can drain your energy, making you feel more tired.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Champions Trophy final squads!

South Africa
The South Africans announced their squad for the Champions Trophy last week and excluded Dale Steyn from the 15-man squad, to be led by AB de Villiers. Keshav Maharaj, who impressed one-and-all in his side’s tour Down Under got his maiden ODI call-up. Steyn’s bowling partner for many years- Morne Morkel- earned himself a comeback to the squad
Squad: Hashim Amla, Quinton de Kock, Faf du Plessis, AB de Villiers (capt), JP Duminy, David Miller, Chris Morris, Wayne Parnell, Andile Phehlukwayo, Kagiso Rabada, Imran Tahir, Keshav Maharaj, Dwaine Pretorius, Farhaan Behardien, Morne Morkel
The Australians announced a 15-man squad that was heavy on fast bowling arsenal. The selectors opted for the likes of James Pattinson, Pat Cummins to provide support to the likes of Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood and omitted all-rounder James Faulkner from the mix.
Squad:  Steve Smith (c), David Warner (vc), Pat Cummins, Aaron Finch, John Hastings, Josh Hazlewood, Travis Head, Moises Henriques, Chris Lynn, Glenn Maxwell, James Pattinson, Mitchell Starc, Marcus Stoinis, Matthew Wade, Adam Zampa.
New Zealand 
The Blackcaps brought the likes of Corey Anderson, Adam Milne and Mitchell McCleneghan, who was in excellent form playing at the Wankhede Stadium in the last game. Kane Williamson had a fine maiden outing as a skipper when he led the side during the World T20 in India in 2016 and he will look to take his side all the way in England.
Squad: Kane Williamson (c), Corey Anderson, Trent Boult, Neil Broom, Colin de Grandhomme, Martin Guptill, Tom Latham, Mitchell McClenaghan, Adam Milne, Jimmy Neesham, Jeetan Patel, Luke Ronchi, Mitchell Santner, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor. 
Sri Lanka
The men from the Emerald Islands will look to win their first Champions Trophy crown since 2002 and in their quest to winning the crown, have called back Lasith Malinga, despite him not yet having played an ODI since 2015.
Squad: Angelo Mathews (captain), Upul Tharanga, Niroshan Dickwella, Kusal Perera, Kusal Mendis, Chamara Kapugedera, Asela Gunaratne, Dinesh Chandimal, Lasith Malinga, Suranga Lakmal, Nuwan Pradeep, Nuwan Kulasekara, Thisara Perera, Lakshan Sandakan, Seekkuge Prasanna.
The first timers in the Champions Trophy, Bangladesh will look to carry their good recent limited-overs form and make an impact at the competition in England, under the leadership of Mashrafe Mortaza.
Squad: Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar, Imrul Kayes, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Shakib Al Hasan, Sabbir Rahman, Mahmudullah, Mosaddek Hossain, Mashrafe Mortaza (capt), Mustafizur Rahman, Rubel Hossain, Taskin Ahmed, Subashis Roy, Sunzamul Islam, Nurul Hasan, Mehedi Hasan, Nasir Hossain, Shafiul Islam
The runners-up from the previous edition and the hosts for a second consecutive time announced their squad earlier today. Eoin Morgan will lead a strong 15-man squad that will look to win its first major trophy in seven years.
Squad: Eoin Morgan (c), Moeen Ali, Jonny Bairstow, Jake Ball, Sam Billings, Ben Duckett, Steve Finn, Alex Hales, Liam Plunkett, Adil Rashid, Joe Root, Jason Roy, David Willey, Mark Wood 
The Men In Green announced their squad earlier today with Sarfaraz Khan leading their side in the event. The team could not go past the group stages the last time around and will look to improve on that showing this time.
Squad: Sarfraz Ahmed (wicketkeeper/captain), Ahmad Shahzad, Azhar Ali, Mohammad Hafeez, Babar Azam, Shoaib Malik, Imad Wasim, Shadab Khan, Mohammad Amir, Hasan Ali, Wahab Riaz, Umar Akmal, Fakhar Zaman, Junaid Khan, Fahim Ashraf

P.S. - India yet to declare the squad!

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